New Business Main, Service & Meter

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Pressure Improvements

Regulator Stations

  • Fabrication
  • Installation

Customer/Developer/DOT Relocations

DIMP Retirements & Renewals

Master Meter Conversions

Cased Pipe Remediation

Mechanical Fitting Remediation

Inactive Service Retirements

Maintenance & Emergency Work

Other Services

  • Vacuum Excavation
  • System Records Creation
  • Constructability Consultation



Mainline Pipe Work (up to 36”)

  • New Installation
  • Renewals & Relocations
  • Retirement & Retesting
  • Interconnects
  • HCA Casing Remediation

Station Work

  • New Fabrication & Installation
  • Retirement/Renewal
  • Retrofit
  • Launcher/Receiver
  • Metering/Regulation
  • Filter/Heater/Odorizer
  • Electrical (Power & Control)

Pipeline Integrity Work

  • ICDA & ECDA Exposures/Repairs
  • MAOP Validation
  • ILI Support
  • Repair Wraps
  • Cut Outs & Replacements

We're here for you.

From large projects to small, planned developments or emergency situations, we can be relied on to satisfy your needs in an accurate, timely, and safety conscious manner.

Total Satisfaction is Our Goal

With services that include in-house asphalt and concrete repair as well as landscaping, our job is not complete until each project is finished cosmetically to your satisfaction.